Activated carbon regenerative furnace

The regenerated activated carbon is added to the hopper and then enters the furnace.Carbon is formed to floating carbon layer.Carbon handling throughput is controlled by a discharge device. according to the water content of activated carbon , generally stay in furnace 15-25 minutes.Current  trans-mate to connection board,passing through the flowing carbon layer,heating the active carbon,to achieve the purpose of dry,activated and carbonization. The temperature control circuit is composed of a temperature measuring element and a temperature controller, make the furnace temperature kept at 700-850 DEG C which is the best temperature. The moisture of activated carbon transformed to the high temperature steam,   repeatedly through the hot carbon to regenerate the activated carbon, it is the best to wait until regeneration activated carbon get 5% moisture. 

It works for the regeneration by fire of coconut shell charcoal, almond  charcoal,etc.It can be widely used in gold industry, water treatment industry and so on. 

1. it is using the characteristics of carbon and water,during the current operation process, the drying stage, the high-temperature carbonization stage and activation stage can be completed continuously, at the same time, it is maintaining the entire regeneration system to hold micro positive pressure .After regeneration, carbon iodine can be restored to more than 95% .;

2. This system Featuring a high regeneration rate, low energy consumption, low carbon consumption, reliable operation,etc. 


Processing capacity  (kg / d)

Power (kW)


Carbon adsorption recovery rate

Carbon loss rate

Carbon residence time (min)


90~95% iodine meter


90~95% iodine meter


90~95% iodine meter



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