it is a step of  gold cyanidation - zinc powder replacement,  by using the belt to achieve  zinc powder fill.

Suitable for during the gold cyanidation process, continuously and evenly fill in zinc powder to the precious liquid in mixer. It also can be widely used in mineral processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry,etc.

1. 该设备由皮带给料机和混料桶组成,用来完成锌粉添加以及贵液与锌粉的混合作业;

2. 每8h的锌粉添加量可一次均匀的铺在皮带面上,开机后8h连续地自动加入混料桶中;

3. 可减少劳动强度,并能减少锌粉损失。

Belt type

Tape width (mm)

The drum wheel center distance  (mm)

Tape speed (mm / min)

valve open close frequency (n / min)

Motor model

Motor power (kw)

Weight (kg)



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