Mobile desorption electrolysis

complete desorption electrolysis equipment is the key equipment of gold cyanidation CIP process, it constructed by electric heater, desorption column, heat exchanger, electrolytic tank, pump and other parts. It featuring on compacted structure, convenient installation, desorption rate up to 96%, electrolytic rate greater than 99%.  

Design non-standard equipment according to user's requirement

300kg refers one time loading amount of gold carbon

Desorption rate (%)

Electrolytic rate (%)

Installed capacity (kW)

Desorption temperature (℃)

Electrolysis voltage (v)

Electrolytic current (A)

Throughput (kg / lote)

Electrolyte flow (t / h)

Weight (kg)

Specifications  (mm)

>96>9930951.5-3 (



Does not contain electrical appliances

4120 x 2100 x 4130
>96>9960951.5-3 (


200500348604120 x 2100 x 4130

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