• Mineral Dressing Design Engineer

    Title job:Dean of Mineral Processing Design Institute

    Baojie Zhang

    Mineral processing senior engineer, 31years mineral experience, president of Yantai Fulin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Mine Design and Research Institute.

    Since 1987, he has engaged in mine mineral dressing design research and selection of mineral processing equipment, design of mineral processing flowchart and mining engineering project design. More than 40 domestic and foreign mineral processing plants have been designed independently, and more than 100 mine project projects have been designed. Since 1993, he has served as the manager of the mine engineering project at home and abroad, and presided or participated in the project demonstration, technical discussion, engineering evaluation, engineering design, engineering management, engineering construction and so on. He is familiar with the operation mode of international mine engineering, and succeeded in organizing more than 100 international engineering project such as Ecuador,Mongolia, South Korea, Philippines, Namibia etc. His footprints were found all over the inside and outside of China, and participated in the investigation and evaluation of foreign project.

    Minerals Pharmaceutical Engineer

    Title job:Director of Mineral Processing Pharmaceutical Factory

    Yan Wong

    Minerals pharmaceutical engineer,30 years pharmaceutical experiments, director of Yantai Fulin Mineral Processing Pharmaceutical Factory.

    The company pharmacy factory specializes in all kinds of metal ore, metal oxide ore, non metal ore beneficiation collector, gangue mineral inhibitor, activator, has a number of national invention patents. The independently developed FL series collector has been widely applied to fluorite, barite, feldspar, scheelite beneficiation and reverse flotation of iron ore. Its specific active groups can be combined with floating minerals at room temperature, and the temperature is ≥ 4°C. The process of mineral slurry heating can be avoided and production costs will be greatly reduced.This series of collector has been used by manufacturers in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, and Mongolia, Thailand and other places, and has won favorable comments from users. Copper oxide, lead-zinc oxide collector, activator, silica inhibitor, barite inhibitor and calcium carbonate inhibitor are responsible for hundreds of testing tasks for the company and customers every year.