Double washing thickener

by the pressure of scraper panel, the slurry get further concentrate, the rake will scrape the slurry to the center of pool, the slurry will drop to the lower pool from discharge port. The distribution box will flow out the water to clean the bottom layer material. The overflow of bottom layer will return to the distribution box and flow out to the upper layer to clean the material, then discharged from overflow outlet. The double cleaned material will come out from bottom outlet.

The utility model is mainly used for countercurrent washing in the process of selecting gold cyanidation., wet metallurgy, light and chemical industries.

low area required, limited power


diameter (m)

Central pool depth (m)

Sedimentation area (m 2)

Rake speed (r / min) 

processing capacity (t / d)

Motor model

Motor power (kW)

Weight (kg)



Weight without pool


total weight

2NZS12126.872260.2<160Y132M2-65.540400Weight without pool

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