Mining Machinery

Our company has 32 senior engineers, 9 senior engineers and 15 intermediate engineers. All the engineers have rich experience in field work. They are all senior engineers in mining or beneficiation. For many years, we provide mining and mineral processing services for customers both at home and abroad to help customers at home and abroad to achieve maximum economic benefits.At the same time, our company has cooperated with several exploration and design companies, such as gold capital Design Institute and Yantai hung Tan geological exploration Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in non-coal mine engineering consulting, engineering design business, strong technical force, outstanding professional advantages, set geology, mining, mine safety, mineral processing, mining machinery, power, automation, general plans, water supply and drainage, tailings, civil engineering, budget estimates for more than a dozen majors, such as technical classics, most professionals engaged in mine design work for more than fifteen years. Our company has many senior engineers and engineers in the mining industry, and the leading professional leader has registered engineer or senior engineer qualification. The company has all kinds of information, such as laws, regulations, regulations, standards, standards and regulations of the mine design, and has the qualification of engineering consulting class A, the qualification of grade B design in building materials and machinery industry, and the qualification of grade B design in the mine engineering of metallurgical industry. We can provide general drawing design, mining design, mineral processing experiment, process design, civil design, power supply design, heating design, water supply and drainage design, civil design, tailings design, feasibility report, geological exploration and so on.