Spiral conveyor

It comprises of the driving device of closed groove box and screw, screw rotation by the material on the output slot box, the material and the spiral conveyor leaf rotation force is the friction of its own weight and screw conveyor casing material on the material.

Screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of materials, such as coal, soda ash, recycled rubber powder, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate and small lump coal, screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying perishable, easy to agglomerate and bulk materials.

1. simple structure, small cross-sectional size;

2. The good sealing performance, reliable operation, low manufacturing cost, convenient loading and unloading during the processing, the direction of transport can be reversed, two opposite directions of transport at the same time.

3. During the conveying process, it can be done the stirring, mixing, heating and cooling operations;

4. through the loading and unloading gate can adjust the material flow, but it is not suitable for transporting perishable, large viscosity, easy to agglomerate and bulk materials;

5. material easily crash during the transportation, screw and trough easy to wear;spiral feed tank easy to wear;

6. unit power large, must keep the trough sealing when use it ,between the screw and the trough, require an appropriate gap.

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