TD75 Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor mainly consists two end rollers and conveyor belt. Driving the belt rotation of the roller known as the drive roller ; the other is only to change the direction of the conveyor belt called the roller to change. Driving roller driven by the motor through the reducer,  and the conveying belt is driven by the friction force between the driving roller and the conveying belt. Drive rollers are generally installed in the discharge side to increase traction, which is conducive to drag. The material is fed from the feeding end and falls on the rotating conveyor belt, which is transported to the discharging end by the friction of the conveying belt.

Widely used in chemical, coal, metallurgy, mining, power, light industry, food and transport sectors, suitable for conveying bulk density of 0.5-2.5t/m3 granular, powder and other granular materials, can also convey individual goods.

1. TD75 belt conveyor can transport material bulk density should be under 2.5t/m 3 ;

2. This series according to the bandwidth is divided into: 500,650,800,1000,1200,1400mm;

3. According to the driving power is divided into: 1.5,2.2,3,4,5.5,7.5,11,15,18.5,22,30,40 kw, etc.

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