Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor

It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and maintenance, etc. It has the features of large inclination conveying, compact structure, small footprint and so on. Therefore, it is a new type of belt conveyer. It is widely used in coal mining, metallurgy, building materials, grain, chemical industry, electric power and so on. It is also used in downhole mining engineering, opencast mining and large dump ship.

1. It is the ideal equipment for large angle(90°) conveying and vertical lifting, so it can save floor space, save equipment investment and civil construction cost, and achieve good comprehensive economic benefits;

2. Simple structure, the main components can be used with GM, convenient using and maintenance;

3. Reliable, no buried scraper conveyor often occurs the chain blocked, floating chain, broken chain phenomenon and the bucket elevator often occurs the slip, bucket falling phenomenon;

4. Smooth running, low noise;

5. There is no excavation resistance during the load, running internal friction and external friction resistance during the process, therefore, the energy consumption is low;

6. The vertical wall machines can also be set to any length conveying section in the nose and tail, easy to interface with other equipment.

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