Shaft hoisting signal system

We provide a safe lifting signal device for all kinds of Mine shaft or deviated well. Device is divided into the PLC type and relay type, the PLC type signal system performed by computer to replace artificial forwarding function, saves time, and improve the reliability system. If you want to increase the middle or adding features, just needing to increase the module and part of the components or to modify the program a little bit can be implemented. More than five middle of mine aresuitable forusing. And relay signals is economic and practical, reliable work, convenient maintenance, especially suitable for the four middle under mine use. 

1. Signals device automatically determine the correct or not, only to receive from the correct signal as required.

2.The location of the tank, categories, to achieve the middle, and emergency signals directed in the form of words and numbers displayed in the computer room and the middle signal box.

3.Slow down, drive, and emergency signals  have the text display, and a light display and voice prompt.prompt mine to which middle, deceleration signals and language tips, etc

4. Signal system and safe door, winding electric interlocking system

5. In the signal device can match power supply telephone switches. The telephone switches designed for down-hole environment, economic and durable.

6.According to the requirement of the user, can increase the television monitoring and telephone communication function

7.Equipment is simple, reliable operation, maintenance, and installation is very convenient.

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