Energy saver for air compressor

By using frequency conversion control to achieve soft start and soft stop air compressor, limiting the starting current.

Real time detection of pressure on pipe network is monitored  by pressure sensor, and corporate with built-in pid control, achieved constant pressure air supply.

Frequency constant pressure for air-controlled technology avoids the frequent start-up and idling phenomenon, it maximized energy savings and reduced equipment wear.

The air supply quality of the air compressor is improved, the pressure is stable, the working time is shortened, and increased the production efficiency.

Air compressor, as the main air supply equipment, has the characteristics of long working time,frequent start-up operation, no-load loss and so on. When air compressor is running, idle power consumption accounted for half of the work power consumption, if we engage appropriate measures to avoid idling phenomenon, that can greatly reduce the no-load loss, lower the maximum power consumption.

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