Cyclone control system with constant voltage

1. Traditional process introduction

Nowadays many concentrator adopts the following process: undressed ore belt feeder into the ball mill, grinding machine overflow their products to the slurry pool, then use glue pump during transport to the hydro-cyclone classification work, settling back to ball mill grinding, the overflow of fine sand directly into the flotation process.

2. Traditional process analysis

Selected in the ore dressing process flow glue pump production capacity is generally greater than the actual pulp flow, pump will periodically pulp discharge all of my gathered at the pump in the pool, so that feed into the cyclone has the impact phenomenon, the hydro-cyclone inlet pressure big and small, pressure instability, leading to the overflow particle size, the weight unevenness of influenced the stability of the flotation operation. At the same time, to the mine pressure instability will cause unstable grit, sand return amount is too large, affecting grinding grading operation. Therefore, cyclone feed pressure fluctuation is the important factor of grinding efficiency and classification efficiency, must take effective way to solve, can ensure that ore processing and the improvement of flotation recovery.

3. Automatic control scheme is selected

To ensure that the cyclone feed pressure stable level of pulp pool is the effective way of automatic detection and automatic control.

A liquid level as a benchmark level set slurry pool, by ultrasonic level meter to detect the actual level, according to the level of relative deviation, via digital regulator glue pump with invert-er control motor speed, to control the ore pulp out stream, realize the constant liquid level control.

Slow down, drive, and emergency signals such as both the text display, and a light display and voice prompt.Let people know mine to which the middle, deceleration signal as well as language prompts .

4. Economic benefit analysis

After the automatic control of ore feeding pressure of cyclone, improve the efficiency of the grinding classification, stabilized the flotation industry, beneficial to the improvement of the capacity and recovery.

Using closed-loop control, colloioid pump load is greatly reduced, power saving effect is obvious, power saving rate is as high as 30%

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