Cupellation furnace

Big furnace volume, it is suitable for many in the field of experiment and production.

A variety of heating mode: power, liquefied gas, natural gas and diesel;

Heating speed, high precision of temperature control, furnace temperature uniformity high stability;

Pneumatic control vertical rising gate, the operation is convenient, let the hot oven door away from the operator;

Over-temperature safety protection measures, such as automatic alarm output to prevent accident;

Chamber of a stove or furnace service life is long, external use high insulating refractory insulation effect is good.


Hearth internal size


Number and size of crucibl

The rated temperature(℃)

Heating fuel


Gas natural / Liquefied petroleum gas / diese


Three-phase power 10.5k


natural / Liquefied petroleum gas / diesel


Three-phase power 15k


natural / Liquefied petroleum gas / diesel


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