Pyrometallurgy crucible

Big furnace volume, it is suitable for many in the field of experiment and production. A variety of heating mode: power, liquefied gas, natural gas, diesel; Heating speed, high precision of temperature control, furnace temperature uniformity high stability; Pneumatic control vertical rose door, the operation is convenient, let the hot oven door away from the operator; Over-temperature safety protection measures, such as automatic alarm output to prevent accident; Chamber of a stove or furnace service life is long, external use high insulating refractory insulation effect is good.

Electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, glass, experiment in the field of new materials development and production, mainly used in fire assay of hot melt in the sample.

External structure: furnace shell made of galvanized steel sheet, installed in steel pipe production plus, the blue enamel paint spraying shell surface.

Furnace body: furnace interior surface using alumina refractory brick,the back is adiabatic firebrick.

Heating mode and the rated power consumption.

Temperature control mode: electric actuator, automatic control, the highest temperature can reach 1200 ℃.

Temperature sensor: "k" type thermocouple, high measurement precision.

Power supply: the furnace body part configuration a 10 A, single-phase cable and plug, power load for 5A.

Pneumatic control oven door open and close, pedal switch convenience of user operation, avoid high temperature heat environment caused by the safe hidden trouble.


Number and size of crucible

The rated temperature(℃)

Heating fuel


Three-phase power 24kw


Gas natural / Liquefied petroleum gas / diesel


Gas natural / Liquefied petroleum gas / diesel


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