GZM conical ball mill

This series of conical ball mill is a new energy-saving ball mill invented in China, This series of ball mill is a new energy saving ball mill invented in China. After nearly twenty years of development,  it has been became dominant position in grinding filed, which production has expanded to Yantai, Northeast, Central and Southern regions, being the leading product of the various factories, accounting for 20% of a total output in China.

The machine has the following characteristics

1. Takes advantage of the double-row large diameter self-aligning bearing to replace the general mill bearing, which has a long service life, without repair, and greatly reduces friction, and actually energy consumption reduces 15-30% , easy to start it.

2. The conical structure is used near the discharge port to make the mill strengthen, the most important thing is to naturally classify steel balls, the steel balls near the discharge port are small , while you'll achieve the fine size of grinding materials.

3. It takes advantage of the integral steel frame base, with high precision mounting, easy installation and short period.

4.The utility model cancels the combined feeder, adopts the drum feeder, has no inertia impact, the equipment runs smoothly, and reduces the maintenance time of the grinding machine, improves the efficiency.

1. When selecting, the user should indicate the ball mill rotation direction, the discharge way

2. We can change the bearing model as User requirements.



Cylinder Speed(r / min)

Weight of Ball (t)

Outing size(mm)

Feeding size(mm)

Productivity(t / h)

Matching motor

Dimensions (MM) (l X W X h)

Weight (kg)


Power (kW)

GZM0912中900 x 120041.60.90.074-0.30-150.3-0.8Y180L-8113355 x 1800 x 14003900
GZM0918中900 x 180041.61.50.074-0.30-150.4-1.1Y180L-6153955 x 1800 x 14005430
GZM0921中 900 x 210041.61.70.074-0.30-150.5-1.3Y180L-6154255 x 1800 x 14005660
GZM0933中900 x 330041.62.80.074-0.30-150.85-2.2Y225M-6305500 x 1800 x 14007380
GZM1220中 1200 x 200034.83.20.074-0.30-251.3-3.3Y225M-8224085 x 2140 x 17608202
GZM1224中1200 x 240034.840.074-0.30-251.6-4.1Y250M-8304485 x 2140 x 17609103
GZM1228中1200 x 280034.84.80.074-0.30-252.2-5.6Y280S-8374885 x 2140 x 17609481
GZM1232中 1200 x 320034.85.50.074-0.30-252.0-5.2Y280M-8455285 x 2140 x 176010586
GZM1238中1200 x 380034.86.80.074-0.30-252.2-5.6Y280M-8455885 x 2140 x 176011336
GZM1244中1200 x 440034.870.074-0.30-253.0-7.5Y315S-8556485 x 2140 x 176012420
GZM1324中1200 x 240030.24.20.074-0.30-251.3-3.3Y250M-8305035 x 2370 x 18809782
GZM1328中1300 x 280030.250.074-0.30-251.6-4.0Y280M-8455435 x 2370 x 188010838
GZM1334中1300 x 340030.260.074-0.30-251.9-4.8YR280M-8756035 x 2370 x 188012156
GZM1520中 1500 x 200030.760.074-0.30-251.8-4.5Y280M-8455650 x 2930 x 206011037
GZM1523中 1500 x 230030.76.30.074-0.30-252.1-5.2Y315S-8555950 x 2930 x 206012600
GZM1526中 1500 x 260030.76.60.074-0.30-252.6-6.0YR280S-8556250 x 2930 x 206013223

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