Single stage gas producer

Gas producer is a gasification process.It uses the carbon containing substance as fuel,such as coal and coke, and the mixture of air and steam as gasifying agent. It adopted the automatic coal filling, automatic slag and unique pagoda shaped heatproof cast steel grate which featuring the strong slag broken, slag loose and ventilated.It is smokeless during the working, carbon dioxide and soot emissions are consistent with GB9078-1996 environmental standards.The gasifier has the advantages of reasonable principle, simple design, less investment, convenient and safe operation, simple maintenance, etc., It is a new generation of intelligent, efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection product.

1.It is using the bucket type lifting on coal, double coal cover mechanism with good sealing effect. By combin the adjustable pulverized coal baffle and cone type pulverized coal device,the coal is even distributed. Because of the thickness of furnace cross-section fuel is pretty much same, improved the efficiency of coal gasification and prevent the occurrence of deflected burning and flare up.

2.Because of the water jacket is all over the furnace, provide a lot of natural steam, the outside steam is unnecessary.It is featuring the stable pressure, good gasification, good cooling effect in furnace, no deformation at the endotheca.

3.Double covers for coal box, sealing better.

4. It use the small putty knife to push slag and the big putty knife to deslag. By installed the slag breaking and pressing mechines, the gasification agent distribute evenly, the material layer distribution is relatively stable which provide the best state of gas producing. It also reduced the carbon content of slag, solved the traditional coke gasification furnace's unstable burning and over burning.

5. Dust remover with isolation seal, during furnace shutdown, the sealing height of water can be increased, cut off the gas between the gas producer and the gasifier ,make sure safe production, eliminate the occurrence of backfire explosion.

6. The furnace top insulated by refractory concrete to save the cooling water.

7. The gas generator is equipped with a special "ejector" burner according to different specifications and different operating conditions, featuring the With sufficient combustion, stable operation, long usage and so on .



Generator specification

Diameter of furnace


Hearth section area


Fuel layer height


Fire heigh


Ash layer height


Applicable fuel

Non caking coal, anthracite, coke, bituminous coal, the medium should accorde with gb9143 requirements

Fuel particle size

mm13~25 25~50

Fuel consumption


Gasification agent

Air and stea

Gas production


Rotating speed of ash tray


Air consumption


Steam consumption


The production of steam jacket


Calorific value of gas


Gas outlet temperature


Gas outlet pressure


Blast pressure


Saturated air temperature


Water jacket pressure


Exploration water pressure


Grate driving power


Hopper lifting motor power


Total weight


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