Ore Type: Gold Mine The main process flow: crushing, screening, ball milling, grading, flotation, filtration, thickening, leaching, dry tailings Application: geology, well construction, mining, mining machinery, mineral processing, smelting, civil engineering, ceremony, automation, general plan, water supply and drainage, tailings, heating and ventilation, environmental protection, technology and economics, budget estimates, etc.

Project Technology

Two stages of two closed-circuit grinding processes are used in the grinding stage. The first stage of closed-circuit grinding classification process consists of a lattice type ball mill and a spiral classifier. The second stage of closed-circuit grinding process consists of an overflow ball mill and a hydrocyclone. Combining the pre-grading and inspection grading of the second stage of the closed-circuit grinding classification process is conducive to improving the grinding efficiency and ensuring product fineness.

Debris operation

Multi-stage chip removal process. The first stage of the chip removal operation is located before the crushed ore, and it is necessary to manually remove wood chips and other debris in the ore. The second stage of the chip removal operation is located at the overflow of the spiral classifier, and a planar sieve plate with an aperture of 2 to 3 mm is used. The third-stage chip removal operation is based on a hydrodynamic cyclone feed, using a 20 mesh flat screen. The fourth stage of the chip removal operation is before concentration and dehydration, using 24 to 28 mesh arc screens. This section of the operation must be promptly removed debris on the screen, and often check the use of the screen, found that the damage in a timely manner to replace, in order to ensure the quality of pulp removal.

Stirring cyanide leaching

Stirring cyanide leaching, also known as prepreg operation, is generally composed of two high-efficiency energy-saving leaching tanks (l and slot 2). The slurry is conveyed from the upper section to No. 1 tank, and then the No. 1 tank flows into the No. 2 tank.

Desorption electrowinning

The desorption electrowinning process of gold-loaded carbon mostly adopts a combination of heating and pressure desorption, high temperature and often piezoelectric product combined closed circuit circulation process, and a relatively mature desorption electrowinning device with a high degree of automation control.