Ore Type: Gold/Copper The main process flow: crushing, screening, ball milling, grading, flotation (magnetic separation), thick, leaching, analytical electrolysis of all mud cyanidation gold extraction process, tailings dry row. Application: geology, well construction, mining, mining machinery, mineral processing, smelting, civil engineering, ceremony, automation, general plan, water supply and drainage, tailings, heating and ventilation, environmental protection, technology and economics, budget estimates, etc.

Project Technology

The process adopts the two stage one closed circuit crushing process, and the qualified products enter the powder ore bin cache.

The ore is made by the pendulum type to the ore machine, which is evenly distributed to the mill, then the grid mill and the high weir type single spiral classification form a closed road grinding and grading process. The grinding of the mill first passes through the jigger to enrich the large particle gold. The bottom flow of the jigger selects the 30% grade particle gold through two rocking beds, and the overflow of the jig enters the classifier.

The classification overflow enters the flotation system after the mixing of the mixing tank. Through the experimental study of the ore selection, we finally choose a flotation process of a rough and three fine three sweep, so as to maximize the recovery of the valuable gold elements in the gangue.

The flotation gold concentrate is concentrated by a thickener and finally dewatered by a filter. The flotation tailings are concentrated by a thickener and then passed to a filter press for pressure filtration to form a cake.

Tailings dry discharge site map