Whole Tailings Cemented Fill Process


Various tailings disposal
The system consists of four parts: dehydration system, agitation system, pipeline transportation system and automatic detection and regulation system.
This system is made up by dewatering system, agitating system, piping transporting system, automatic detection and adjustment system. Tailings pulp are conveyed to agitator after dewatering by deep-cone thickener and vertical sand silo. In agitator, add water and cement and mix to make high concentration pulp. Then feed into activating mixer to improve the workability. Then use the filling industry pump and pressure pump through piping to convey the pulp to underground gob.

Process introduction

Whole tailings cemented fill process, based on physical chemistry and colloid chemistry, directly use the tailings, dewater by thickener and sand silo setting, mix the whole tailings and certain proportion cement into homogeneous cemented fill material by biaxial blade type mixer and high speed activating mixer.