Tailings Dry Discharge Process


It is mainly used for concentrating and dewatering technology of tailings of mineral processing plants, so as to achieve the purpose of dry heap of tailings and thus avoid environmental pollution. It is the first choice for implementing green mines.
1. Combination of hydrocyclone and dewatering vibrating screen: after concentrated by hydrocyclone, the underflow feed into high-frequency vibrating screen for dewatering. Then the tailings moisture will lower than 16%. The overflow from hydrocyclone and fine particle from dewatering screen underflow feed into thickener, filter press for dewatering. At last, the tailings are dry discharged.
2. Directly use thickener and filter press to filter: this type need a huge investment at early stage and the range of application is small. Sometimes, it can't meet the production efficiency or dewatering degree.

Technological advantages
1. Mature technology, good dewatering effect. The final tailing concentrate can up to 85% and meet the dry discharge requirements.
2. Low operating cost. Our special equipment combination only need less equipment and civil investment. And Fulin patent equipment have good dewatering effect, energy-saving, long service time and lower production cost.

Process introduction

Tailings dry discharge is a waste residue (tailings) extracted from valuable minerals in ore by mineral processing.
By concentrating the dehydration process, it is made of 10% + 2 of the material with water content (mass percentage), and then transported to the tailings and dump and recirculating it.