Zinc Powder Replacement Gold Extracting Process


It is an early application of cyanide method. First, cyanide is added to the pulp to extract gold minerals, then solid liquid separation is carried out. Zinc powder or zinc wire is added to liquid (including pregnant solution). Gold and silver are precipitated in gold mud by chemical reaction, and gold and silver with high gold mud are then refined into high purity gold ingot. The process is still widely used in cyanidation of gold concentrate.
Main equipment: thickener, leaching tank, Deoxidizer tower, zinc powder adding device, etc.

Process introduction

Gold cyanide - zinc powder replacement gold extraction process
Cyanidation - zinc powder replacement gold extraction process mainly includes filling, stirring and leaching, countercurrent washing, zinc powder replacement, gold mud smelting, tailings pressure filtration, sewage treatment and other stages.