Gold Gravity Separation Process


Gold gravity separation is the traditional, basic gold beneficiation method, and it is also an effective method for recovering monomer-dissociated coarse-grained gold before and after flotation or leaching.

Process introduction

Gold Placer Gravity Separation
It is generally divided into crushing, screening, desliming, separation and other processes. Crushing and screening are the process of breaking up the gold bearing debris and sieving large boulders without gold. The main equipment is cylindrical sieve, vibrating screen and so on.
Vein Gold Ore Gravity Separation
It is an effective method for recovering monomer dissociated coarse gold before and after flotation or leaching. This will help improve gold recovery and simplify the process.
It has been proved for many years that the combination of iron separator + jig + shaker + inclined tube thick box has high recovery rate, smooth flow and reliable operation, and the jig is usually placed between the grinding equipment grading equipment as a rough selection equipment. The mill ore is first given to the jig, and the heavy minerals are selected and given to the shaker for re-selection. The light minerals flow to the classifier.The final gold concentration is 40-45%, which can be directly smelted into high purity gold ingots.In this configuration, jigger is a typical gravity equipment that embodies the principle of "collecting early harvest". It is beneficial to improve the gravity separation and total recovery, and the configuration of Centrifuge + rocking bed is also applied in some gold dressing plant