Barite Mineral Process


The process of high brightness micro powder and superfine powder. High brightness micro powder of barite is produced through the process of crushing, washing, and whitening. The production of barium salt. For example, lithopone, barium chloride, barium hydroxide, etc.
Barite beneficiation is the main method of non-metal mineral processing

1、Gravity separation
Generally, use crushing, screening, and jig to get high grade concentrate(grade up to 80%). Crushing section use jaw crusher and two stage crushing process to crush barite. Screen section use circular vibrating screen, which have large processing capacity, high efficiency, simple and useful. It is the ideal equipment to screen barite. Jig selecting process use two kinds of jig to select the coarse and fine particle respectively after crushing. 
2、Magnetic separation
Generally, use wet magnetic separator to select out iron-bearing mineral, such as siderite, then the barite can be use to produce barium medicine which require very low iron content.  
Flotation are used to separate the fine-grained dissemination barite and tailings from gravity separation. According to different adsorption type, use fatty acid alkyl sulfate, alkane sulfonate, etc anion collector or kation amine collector to flotine barite.   

Process introduction

Barite is fragile and like a big tube. The separation methods of Fulin are generally gravity separation magnetic separation and flotation.