Graphite Mineral Process


The processing technology of graphite ore is mainly suitable for various graphite ores with different crystalline forms and graphite minerals with silicate minerals or pyrites, such as mica.
Flotation is a commonly used method for purifying minerals. Because the surface of graphite is not easily infiltrated by water, it has good floatability and easily separates it from impurities. In China, floatation is basically used to select graphite by flotation.

1. Multistage grinding multistage flotation
To prevent graphite flakes from breaking, generally use multistage grinding multistage flotation process. After multi grinding and flotation, the concentrated graphite will meet the requirements.  
2. Gravity and flotation united process
For graphite associated with heavy mineral, generally use gravity and flotation united process to select, that use gravity separation to separate heavy mineral firstly, then use flotation to process the light mineral. 

Generally, graphite ore's hardness is medium hard or medium hard soft, grade is between 2-10%, crushing process is simple, use three-stage open circuit, two-stage open circuit or one-stage crushing flowsheet. Flotation process include multistage grinding, multistage selection, middlings return in order or concentrated. Multistage process have three form, that is concentrate regrinding, middlings regrinding, tailings regrinding. Crystalloid graphite most use concentrate regrinding process, normally, the recovery ratio can up to around 80%.
Cryptocrystalline graphite mineral processing flowsheet: although Cryptocrystalline graphite have high grade, it is different to separate. Cryptocrystalline graphite have low flotability and flotation only can preliminary concentrate, normally, use hand picking and then levigating for sale. 

Process introduction

Flotation is widely used method in the processing of graphite.
The separation process of graphite ores is mainly applicable to various graphite ores with different crystalline forms and graphite ores with silicate minerals or pyrites, such as mica.
The general crystal and amorphous graphite ore in the graphite ore dressing equipment is mostly crushed by the jaw crusher, the medium and the fine pieces are mostly used with conical crusher or hammer crusher, the grinding mill adopts the wet ball mill and the grid type ball mill, JJF, XCF and XJB flotation machines are commonly used for graphite flotation, and hydrocyclones or belt filters are commonly used for ore dressing and dewatering of graphite ores.